New structure for Junior golf in Northumberland

First published: Friday 22nd of December 2017       Author: A J M

The forthcoming season will see a new structure for junior golf in Northumberland.

For the past 50 years , junior golf within the county has been administered on behalf of the County by the Northumberland Junior Golf Association (NJGA).

As a result of decline in participation it was felt that the development of junior golf could best be served with access to the resources we have as a county rather than operate as two separate organisations. We hope also that this will give us the opportunity to give equal emphasis to the development of both boys and girls junior golf in Northumberland.

All future communication and contact will emanate from NUGC and the NUGC website , which will incorporate a new junior section. A new junior committee has been appointed , reporting directly to the NUGC Executive. The junior committee is still being formalised , but will include the following people:

Graham Forrest - Chairman
Mark Laverick- NUGC Member for Junior Golf Development
Andrew Minnikin - Team Manager & Coaching Coordinator
Irene Gillon - Secretary
Claire Whitfield
Ian Buchanan
Seton Wakenshaw

It is our intention to hold two sessions in January , specifically for Club Junior Liason Officers and County junior golfers; these sessions will be to communicate our vision for the coming season and to give further details of our new initiatives.

In the meantime , may I wish all junior golfers a Merry Christmas and a successful 2018.

Graham S L Forrest

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